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Acupuncture Online – Course​

One Point – One Touch Healing

  1. Lesson: Introduction to Acupuncture
  2. Lesson. History of Acupuncture
  3. Lesson. How does Acupuncture work
  4. Lesson: Five Element Theory
  5. Lesson: Yin & Yung Theory
  6. Lesson: Principles of locating Acu-points
  7. Lesson: Types of Acupuncture
  8. Lesson: Acupuncture Channels or Meridians
  9. Lesson: Lung channel (Lu) Meridian
  10. Lesson: Large Intestine (L.I.) Meridian
  11. Lesson: Stomach (St) meridian
  12. Lesson: Spleen (Sp) meridian
  13. Lesson: Heart (H) meridian
  14. Lesson: Small Intestine (S.I.) meridian
  15. Lesson: Urinary Bladder (U.B.) meridian
  16. Lesson: Kidney (K) meridian
  17. Lesson: Pericardium (P) meridian
  18. Lesson: Sanjuao meridian (S.J.)
  19. Lesson: Gall Bladder (G.B.) meridian
  20. Lesson: Liver (Liv) meridian
  21. Lesson: Conception Vessel Ren / C.v.
  22. Lesson: Governor Vessel (Du / G.v.) Meridian
  23. Lesson: Extra- meridian (Ex.) points
  24. Lesson: Five Element Doctrine
  25. Lesson: Face Diagnosis in Acupuncture
  26. Lesson: Tongue Diagnosis in Acupuncture
  27. Lesson: Pulse Diagnosis in Acupuncture
  28. Lesson: Diagnosis
  29. Lesson: Rules for selecting Acu- points for treatment
  30. Lesson: Treatments.

Online Mode: Duration: 30 Hours Live Online Classes.

or/ Direct Mode: 2 Days at Alternative Medicine College.

Certificate: M.Acu – Master Diploma in Acupuncture.


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