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(Registered Under the Societies Act 27 of 1975) SI.No.15/2012,TamilNadu, India.

The Global Alternative Medical Association has been established to provide a worldwide platform for Alternative Medical Healers enabling them to unite and speak in one strong voice. The association provides a forum of Alternative Medical Healers to exchange ideas and information, concepts and knowledge. By having a membership in the association, Healers can increase their awareness of the trends and happenings in the field of Alternative Medicines in different parts of the world.


  • LIFE Time Register Fees Rs.5200 INR.
  • Free Alternative medical camp
  • Guiding Higher Educations
  • Update informations about Alternative medicines
  • Consultations on 'How to Increase Your Practice'
  • Free Hosting, Programming and Web Page
  • We get benefits from W.H.O. / Central & State Government Polices.
  • Referral for Professional Liability Insurance.
  • Award and Honours.
  • Healers Directory
Hr. R. Senthil kumar Alternative Medicine – Tamilnadu
Hr. S. KalavathyYoga Teacher & Healer- Tamilnadu
Hr. R. Ganesh MoorthyAlternative Medicine – Tamilnadu
Hr. V. RameshAlternative Medicine – Tamilnadu
Hr. R. Ashok KumarAlternative Medicine – Tamilnadu
Hr. M. ShivakumaranAcupuncture/ Su-Jok Touch Healer.-Tamilnadu
Hr. S. Jose Moses AntonyAlternative Medicine – Tamilnadu
Hr. P. DhanadapaniSujok Healer.-Tamilnadu
Hr. M. Naveen PrasathAcupressure Healer .-Tamilnadu
Hr. M.V. MageshAcupuncture  & Varma Healer.- Tamilnadu
Hr. M. John babuVarma Healer.- Tamilnadu
Hr. V. Rajagopalan Ph.D.Psychologist & Yoga Healer - Kerala
Hr. S. SrisaranyaAcupressure & Healer.- Tamilnadu
Hr. K.A. VenkatesanAstrologist, Acupressure & Healer.- Tamilnadu
Hr. M. RamasamyAstrologist, Varma  Healer.- Tamilnadu
Hr. M. Velmurugan Alternative Medicine -Tamilnadu
Hr. S. ManicavachakamVarma Healer.- Tamilnadu
Hr. B. SankarVarma Healer - Tamilnadu
Hr. C.H. FaisalAcupressure Healer - Kerala
Hr. M.K. Ramaesh kumarReiki & Su- jok Healer -Tamilnadu
Hr. Vinay kumarSu- jok Healer - Uttar Pradesh
A.N. AnantamuruganPhysical Education Teacher. -Tamilnadu
Hr. B. RaviPsychologist & Varma Healer .- Tamilnadu
Hr. K. VijayaraghavanAlternative Medicine .-Tamilnadu
Hr. P. SaradhaAlternative Medicine - Karnataka
Hr. Divya VishwanthAlternative Medicine - Tamilnadu
Hr .Digumarthi Lakshmi lavanyaAcupressure  - Andhra Pradesh
Hr. VASA.BHARAT KUMARAlternative Medicine - Andhra Pradesh
Hr. Wadih TorosHerbal Therapy – Lebanon
Hr. B. Raj KumarAcupuncturist - Tamilnadu
Hr. E. ThamilarasanAcupuncturist - Tamilnadu
Hr. K. MuraliAcupuncturist - Tamilnadu
Hr. K. BalasubramanianAlternative Medicine - Tamilnadu
Hr. Mobina khanAcupuncturist - Pune
Hr. D. SREEKANTAN NAIRAcupuncturist - Kerala
Hr. V. PrashannaAcupuncturist - Tamilnadu
Hr. C. RavindranathAlternative Medicine - Kerala
Hr. Eldho. P. JohnAlternative Medicine - Kerala
Hr. Agastiyan. SAlternative Medicine - Tamilnadu
Hr. A. DevakumaarAlternative Medicine -Tamilnadu
Hr. Anand SubramanianAcupuncturist-Botho University - Botswana
Hr. N.M BANUYoga Therapy -Tamilnadu
Hr. Arun VijayanAcupuncturist - Kerala
Hr. Kalpana BalasundaramAlternative Medicine - Nederland
Hr. A. SindhanaiyalanAcupuncturist -Tamilnadu
Hr. P. AnandAcupuncturist -Tamilnadu
Hr. S. MoothyHerbal Therapy -Tamilnadu
Hr. Dr. Dhananjay Kumar TiwaryAlternative Therapy - Mumbai
Hr. K. Selva rajHerbal Therapy - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Hr. Krishna CherukopalliAlternative Medicine - Andra Pradesh
Hr. M.S. BoobalanAlternative Medicine - Tamilnadu
Hr. K. Senthil KumaranAlternative Medicine - Tamilnadu
Hr. Kripa Shankar PandayAlternative Medicine- Agra
Hr. Digumarthi Kalyana KameswariAlternative Medicine - Andra Pradesh
Hr. Mahaboob Alu KhanAlternative Medicine - Kerala
Hr. Jabin Jose Well LazarAlternative Medicine - Tamilnadu
Hr. Bharanidharan SwaminathanRYT -Yoga Teacher - USA.
Hr. Purushothman.VayysttAlternative Medicine - Kerala
Hr. K. SethumadhavanAlternative Medicine - Tamilnadu
Hr. Riku Devi RoyAlternative Medicine - Assam
Hr. Haris. MReiki Healer - Kerala
Hr. RAMACHANDRAN.I.SAcupuncturist - Kerala
Hr. S. RAJAPANDAlternative Medicine - Karnataka
Hr. WAEIL YAHYA MOHAMMEDCupping Therapy - Sudan
Hr. V. SURYANARAYANANAcupuncture - Tamilnadu
Hr. A.THIVAN MOHIDEEN -Acu Healer - Tamilnadu
Hr. U.S.KISHORE KUMAR - Acupuncture, Varma - Tamilnadu
Hr. Sjt. LEO M. ANTONY - Alternative Medicine - Tamilnadu
T.L.S.JOHN MOSES - Alternative Medicine - Tamilnadu
DR. SATYENDRA M. SHUKLA - Reiki Grand Master & Healer - Pune
DR. DEEPTI P. JANBANDHU - Reiki Healer - Pune
S. JAYASANKAR Alternative Medicine, Tamilnadu
ASHOK ANNAPPA NEMANNAVAR Alternative Medicine, Karnataka
M. RAJA Alternative Medicine, Tamilnadu
ABDULLA SHEIKH UTTAM MANDAL Cupping Therapy, Maharashtra
FAISAL .A.K Alternative Medicine, Kerala
MUHAMMED RAFFI.C Alternative Medicine, Kerala
Hr. SALHA JASEEMA Ph.D. (A.M) Alternative Medicine - KERALA
Hr. BEGARI VINOD KUMAR Alternative Medicine - Hyderabad
Hr. ASHOK KUMAR DASH Alternative Medicine - ODISHA
Hr. CHANDRAKANT Alternative Medicine - KARNATAKA
Hr. ANURADHA BABU Alternative Medicine - Mumbai.
Hr. RAKHAVAN. KR. Acu Touch - Tamilnadu.
Hr. KALAYANA KUMARAcu Touch - Tamilnadu.
Hr. K.V. REKA SRI Acu Touch - Tamilnadu.
Hr. P. K. Sivaramakrishnan Alternative Medicine. Tamil Nadu.
Hr. C. PREETHA, Alternative Medicine. Tamil Nadu.
Hr. S. Prakash Alternative Medicine. Tamil Nadu.
Hr. B. PRIYADHARSHINI Spiritual Healing, Acu Touch, Hijama Therapy. Tamil Nadu.
Hr. A. NAJEER AHAMED, Acu Touch, Hijama Therapy. Tamil Nadu
Hr. J. GOKULADEEPAN Flower Remedy, Tamil Nadu.
Hr. KATHIRVEL. K Traditional Medicine TamilNadu
Hr. SIVA SANKARI. K Traditional Medicine TamilNadu
Hr. R. SENTHIL KUMAR Alternative Medicine. TamilNadu
Hr. R. ESWARAN,Acupuncture & Varma. Tamilnadu.
Hr. S. VINODHINIAcupuncture & Varma. Tamilnadu.
Hr. VISUDHA. M, Acupuncture & Varma. Tamilnadu.
Hr. J. PARTHASARATHIAcupuncture & Varma. Tamilnadu.
Hr. Ibrahim Aduham Varma / Tamilnadu.
Hr. Rajesh BarmaAcu – Touch & Reflexology - Karnataka
Hr. Aya Priya Vimalkumar Acupuncture / Tamilnadu
Hr. K.S. Umaamaheshari Alternative Medicine / Tamilnadu.
Hr. Sivaranjini. C Alternative Medicine / Tamilnadu.
Hr. Lincy . C.J Alternative Medicine / Kerala.
Hr. Jithin Jose Acupuncture / Kerala
Hr. Farhan SheikhAlternative Medicine / Uttar Pradesh
Hr. Vijna Kishor Rao Alternative Medicine / Gujarat
Hr. Sravani MadishettiAlternative Medicine AP
Hr. Arunraj.G.Alternative Medicine T.N.
Hr. Prateek Garg Alternative Medicine - Rajasthan
Hr. Bhavin B. Desai Alternative Medicine - Gujarat
Hr. Chandrashekaran R Alternative Medicine - Bangalore
Hr. S. Seshathiri Alternative Medicine, Tamilnadu
Hr. Elango Alternative Medicine, Tamilnadu
Hr. A.Faizil Rahman Alternative Medicine, Tamilnadu
Hr. B.K.Vinoth Alternative Medicine, Tamilnadu
Hr. S. GANESH Alternative Medicine, T.N
Hr. MALARKODI. A Alternative Medicine, T.N
Hr. J. RAJESHKUMAR Alternative Medicine, T.N
Hr. KALAI SELVI M.R. Alternative Medicine, T.N
Hr. S. GOMATHI Alternative Medicine, T.N
Hr. R. SUBHALAKSHMI Alternative Medicine, T.N
Hr. C.MOHANRAJ Alternative Medicine, T.N
Hr. D. KRISHNA KUMARAN Alternative Medicine, T.N

Remaining Healers Register will be uploaded soon

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Members Rules & Regulation

  1. Any Alternative Medicine Practitioner can apply for Registration he / she must have experience & Qualification in the said field. He/ She can write (Hr.) Healer /Therapist in front of his/her name, but don't misguide any person (wrong practice is not allowed). You can advertise about your practice through Boards, pamphlets, newspapers. But you must mention your way of treatment in your Advertisement.
  2. The medical attendant (GAMA registered person) should avoid to take any serious case and if the situation arises that case (i.e. patient) must be transferred/admitted in hospital immediately.
  3. A person who has applied for registration must be working in his/her field honestly and sincerely.
    Alternative Medicine Practitioner cannot prescribe any of Ayurveda / Siddha/ Homeopathic/ Unani /Allopathic medicine to any patient come for treatment.
  4. The (GAMA) alternative medicine practitioner means registered individual cannot sign and issue a death certificate. He/ She can issue only casual certificate and fees receipt.
  5. If in any case GAMA registered person he/she change Residential address/ Practice address/ Contact number requested to intimate about same to GAMA in writing immediately.
  6. If GAMA registered person is found doing very good job for poor people in his or subject then GAMA may consider him/her for Best Practitioner Award.
  7. The ceremony venue will be communicated to all members by various means, like post/ Mobile Sms & email.
  8. If any GAMA registered person is found guilty due to misconduct or negligence under any or all like Indian Penal Code Act, State Medical Council Act, Indian Medical Council Act and declared guilty then GAMA never help to him/her at any cost. The registration of such individual will be terminated/ canceled.
  9. The registered (GAMA) person can use RMAMP. The full form is “Register as a Member of Alternative Medicines Practitioner”. The registered person must mention RMAMP. Don’t misguide to any person come for treatment.
  10. The registered person will work honestly and sincerely. Please do not issue excess billing receipts false bills to patient.
  11. When you are honest sincere and correct in your duties still you face any genuine problem from any Medical Practitioner or Council in your locality, The GAMA will extend you help and support but the legal expenditure has to be borne and paid by you.
  12. The GAMA conducts health camp during which a registered individual can join in. The health camp may be organized by any other person anywhere in India & aboard.
  13. If any registered person wants to conduct a medical camp then he/she must mention the full name of GAMA in his /her communications.
  14. This GAMA if there is any change or modification made in rules and regulation we will send you revised copy of same & Email.
  15. The Registered person must adopt, abide and implement the rules and regulations of GAMA during his practice.

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