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Alternative Medicine Community College

Run by Athma Trust, Registered by Government Of TamilNadu,India.

Approved by BSS

Approval Number: BSSCC641104AME

BSS Community College (Bharat Sevak Samaj) National Development Agency promoted by Government of India.

Kayakalpa Residency Training Programme - Coonoor

Al- Hijama Cupping Therapy | Reflexology / Sujok Therapy | Rekei / Pranic Healing | Acupuncture | Acupressure Acu - Touch | Siddha Varma / Ayurveda Marma Therapy |Yoga Therapy

RYT 200, ERYT 200 – Hour Yoga Teachers Training Course in India

வாசி யோக​ / ​​Vaasi Yoga Therapy / Breath of Life Healing

The Secrets of Ancient Breathing Healing Techniques

Cupping Therapy - Hijamah

தெய்வீக பாலியியல் கல்வி - Spiritual Sex Education

 - Spiritual Sex Education

Acupuncture One Touch Healing Courses

acupunture one touch healing

Global Alternative Medical Association (GAMA)

Reg.No.15/2012,TamilNadu, India

மாற்று மருத்துவ சமுதாய கல்லூரி + மருந்தில்லா மருத்துவ பயிற்சிகள்

25 years experience in Medical Yoga. We had trained Yoga and Alternative Medicine to thousands of people all-around the world. We give special training for

Yoga Teacher Training / Higher Education & Research

Cupping Therapy
No. Courses Duration Types Apply
C.No.1.Yoga & Naturopathy CoursesPCP Diploma, Master Diploma Courses Apply online
C.No.2.Acupuncture Courses PCP Diploma, Master Diploma Courses Apply online
C.No.3.Homeopathy CoursesPCPDiploma, Master Diploma Courses Apply online
C.No.4.Ayurveda CoursesPCPDiploma, Master Diploma Courses Apply online
C.No.5.Siddha CoursesPCPDiploma, Master Diploma Courses Apply online
C.No.6.Unani CoursesPCPDiploma, Master Diploma Courses Apply online
C.No.7.Varma /Marma Courses PCP Diploma, Master Diploma Courses Apply online
C.No.8.Panchakarma & Massage CoursesPCP Diploma, Master Diploma CoursesApply online
C.No.9. Cupping Therapy - HijamahPCP Diploma CoursesApply online
C.No.10.Diploma in Physiotherapy & AcupressurePCP

Diploma Courses

Apply online
C.No.11.Certificate in De AddictionPCPDiploma CoursesApply online
C.No.12.Su- Jok TherapyPCPDiploma CoursesApply online
C.No.13.Auricular TherapyPCPDiploma CoursesApply online
C.No.14.IridologyPCPDiploma CoursesApply online
Astrology Courses
C.No.15.Vedic AstrologyPCPDiploma CoursesApply online
C.No.16.PalmistryPCPDiploma CoursesApply online
C.No.17.NumerologyPCPDiploma CoursesApply online
C.No.18.Pendulum TherapyPCPDiploma CoursesApply online
C.No.19.Gem & Rudraksha TherapyPCPDiploma CoursesApply online
C.No.20.Vasthu TherapyPCPDiploma CoursesApply online
C.No.21.Sarakalai - சரகலை பயிற்சி PCPDiploma CoursesApply online
C.No.22.Panchapatchi Sasthiram
- பஞ்ச பட்சி சாஸ்திரம் பயிற்சி
PCPDiploma CoursesApply online
Nature Cure - Courses
C.No.23.Color TherapyPCPDiploma CoursesApply online
C.No.24.Diet & HealthPCPDiploma CoursesApply online
C.No.25.ReflexologyPCPDiploma CoursesApply online
C.No.26.Vitamin TherapyPCPDiploma CoursesApply online
C.No.27.Herbal TherapyPCPDiploma CoursesApply online
C.No.28.Urine TherapyPCPDiploma CoursesApply online
C.No.29.Bio –MedicinesPCPDiploma CoursesApply online
C.No.30.Flower-RemedyPCPDiploma CoursesApply online
C.No.31.Magnet TherapyPCPDiploma CoursesApply online
C.No.32.Pyramid TherapyPCPDiploma CoursesApply online
Massage Courses
C.No.33.Aroma TherapyPCPDiploma CoursesApply online
C.No.34.Varma MassagePCPDiploma CoursesApply online
C.No.35.Acu MassagePCPDiploma CoursesApply online
C.No.36.Ayurvedic MassagePCPDiploma CoursesApply online
C.No.37.Kalari MassagePCPDiploma CoursesApply online
C.No.38.Yoga MassagePCPDiploma CoursesApply online
Clinical Courses
C.No.39.Clinical StudyPCPDiploma CoursesApply online
C.No.40.First-Aid TherapyPCPDiploma CoursesApply online
C.No.41.Sexology& AIDS EducationPCPDiploma CoursesApply online
C.No.42.Anatomy & PhysiologyPCPDiploma CoursesApply online
C.No.43.Patho PhysiologyPCPDiploma CoursesApply online
Healing Courses
C.No.44.Pranic HealingPCPDiploma CoursesApply online
C.No.45.Reiki Level 1 & 2 Master LevelPCPDiploma CoursesApply online
C.No.46.Hindu Spiritual HealingPCPDiploma CoursesApply online
C.No.47.Bible Spiritual HealingPCPDiploma CoursesApply online
C.No.48.Kuran Spiritual HealingPCPDiploma CoursesApply online
Yoga Teacher Training Courses
C.No.49.Diploma In Yoga Teacher (Beginners) (D.Y.T)PCPApply online
C.No.50.Master Diploma In Yoga Teacher (Advance) (M.D. Y.T)PCPApply online
C.No.51.Yoga Vaidya - Medical YogaPCPApply online
C.No.52.Yoga NutritionPCPApply online
C.No.53.Kids YogaPCPApply online
C.No.54.Kundalini YogaPCPApply online
C.No.55.ACU YOGAPCPApply online
C.No.56.AyurYoga (Ayurveda + Yoga)PCPApply online
C.No.57.Weight Loss Yoga TherapyPCPApply online
C.No.58. Yoga Chakra MeditationPCPApply online
C.No.59.Kalari YogaPCPApply online
C.No.60.Chiropractic TherapyPCPApply online

Traditional  Therapy  Institute




Affiliation No: AST-AFL-167/2022.


Course Directors: Hr. R. Senthil Kumar

Dr.R. Senthil Kumar
  • Acupuncture Healer
  • Touch Therapy
  • Master of Arts in Tamil Literature (M.A).
  • Plants Science (B.Sc).
  • Post Graduation Diploma in Yoga and Naturopathy (PGDYN).
  • Diploma in Varma, Diploma in Astrology, Reiki Master (1998). In addition to his accreditations, he has been practicing Yoga since 1987 and Teaching Alternative Medicine since 1998.
  • President of Global Alternative Medical Association (GAMA)
  • Lifetime Member of Tamil Nadu State Yogasana Association.
Kayakalpa Students

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